Legacy and impact

In 2020, ammonia production accounted for 8.6 EJ of energy consumption, equivalent to 2% of total final energy consumption globally. Ammonia today is an important vector of energy and fuel and is also a raw material for the production of fertilizers, benefiting approximately half of the world's population. For this reason, it is relevant to find sustainable and environmentally benign alternatives for its production.

MIGA's mission

​MIGA's mission is to address this challenge with an interdisciplinary approach that shortens current technological gaps, advancing knowledge and technology, generating interdisciplinary training in the area for new researchers, contributing to the installation of economies based on clean energy for Chile and the international community.

A new generation of scientist

The expected results are a new generation of scientists and engineers, impacting the international community through effective collaboration. These results will directly affect the objectives of decarbonization of the national economy, the implementation of the green Hydrogen economy, green mining and sustainable agriculture, all of them declared as priorities by the state of Chile.