MIGA researchers were invited to take part in “Jóvenes Consciencia”

More than 100 researchers from different regions of the country gathered to attend the latest version of "Jóvenes Consciencia", a space organised by ANID to reflect and share visions on how science impacts on society.
5 December 2023 by
Federico Bierwirth

A few days ago, the Jóvenes Consciencia event was held, a conference organised by the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID), which brings together all the Millenium Institutes and Nuclei. The activity began with Nicole Ehrenfeld, deputy director (s) of Centres and Associative Research, who highlighted the diversity of topics being addressed by the ANID Centres located throughout the country, from social sciences to natural and exact sciences.

Macarena Kroff, MIGA research assistant on line 1, was one of the representatives from the science centre who attended the meeting. "Being there, we realised that this invitation was also to talk about bringing science closer to the community, which is something tremendously positive and which motivates us a lot as researchers," said Kroff. In addition to Macarena, Bryan Lozano, PhD student of line 2, and Daniel Correa, PhD student of line 1, also participated in the event. 

As part of the activity, talks were given by Ismael Rafons on "Open science in the face of social and environmental challenges"; and on science communication, presented by journalist Paloma Ávila. Working groups were also set up to identify diagnoses and gaps in how the public relates to science today. According to Kroff, "In the first instance, we had to identify the reasons why the Chilean population felt a closeness to science. This preliminary information was obtained from a survey conducted during the pandemic period," he said.

Finally, they worked on problematic factors, looking at why the appreciation of science in the community was low. The participants were able to identify some of these gaps and provided possible tools and solutions to improve and bring scientific research closer to the people. One of the most prominent themes was the concept of open science, which aims to make science more accessible, efficient, transparent and beneficial for all.

"I found the participation of the ANID authorities important, as it is the institution that finances this type of project. I think it is good that they are interested in increasing and encouraging more and more science to the community. It is also important to highlight the value of the years of scientific work carried out, which unfortunately sometimes comes to nothing when the projects come to an end", says Macarena after her participation in Jóvenes Consciencia.

From ANID's point of view, they emphasised that the connection between young people and the exchange of perspectives, from their different levels of development, enriches the system, fostering growth and interest in research in Chile, in areas such as academia, industry and the State..

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